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Solutions for Families - Traditional

Phil, age 45 and Lil, age 42, have been married for 16 years and have two girls, Jill and Mill, ages 15 and 11. Phil is an accountant and Lil is a part-time freelance writer. They have 15 years to pay on their mortgage of $100,000 and have just begun a college planning account for their children. They have no credit card debt (they paid it off with last year's tax return!) Their household income is $79,000.

Phil and Lil's Concerns:

  • Family income if Phil were to die prematurely
  • College education expenses for Jill and Mill
  • Paying off or reducing the current mortgage
  • Burial Expenses

SBLI Solutions:

  • SuperTerm Life Insurance- 15 year term to provide family income and college education for the children as well as covering burial expenses.
  • Permanent Life Insurance - Provides lifetime protection to cover burial expenses and other debt remaining at an older age when term life insurance is no longer available.
  • Mortgage Life Protection - pays off mortgage; available at 50% or 100% coverage of current mortgage balance.
  • Children's Life - Designed to protect the children's insurability in case of unforeseen health circumstances.
  • SuperTerm ROP Life Insurance - Get the life insurance that pays you back! With the Return of Premium feature you can get 100% of your premiums returned to you, tax-free, if you outlive your policy term

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