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How much Life Insurance do you need?

This Life Insurance Quick Planner is intended to give you an estimate of recommended additional amounts of life insurance needed, based on income replacement, dependent care, expense and debt coverage requirements.

Please keep in mind that individual insurance needs change over time and are more complex than indicated in our Quick Planner. When it comes time to apply for a life insurance product, take advantage of free life insurance consultations from a Vantis Life Licensed Agent.

Please complete the information below and enter whole numbers only, no commas.
Quick Planner
Step 1. Your Income and Assets

Your current annual income (include base salary and estimated bonuses):
Number of years your family will require replacement of this annual income:
Current investment income (Rental Properties, Dividends, Annuities, etc.):
Existing liquid assets (All assets that can be turned into cash within 3 months):
The amount of your existing life insurance coverage (personally owned or provided by your employer's group coverage):
Step 2. Your Debts and Expenses

Mortgage Balance (Outstanding loan balances on your home, including any home equity loans or second mortgages):
Outstanding Debt (Credit card, auto loans, student loans, personal loans, etc.):
Final Expenses (Medical, Funeral, Unpaid Taxes, etc.):
Step 3. Child/Dependent Care

  Child: Monthly cost: Number of years:
  1 $ years
  2 $ years
  3 $ years
  4 $ years
  5 $ years
Step 4. Total College Expenses

Total College Expenses (including cost of tuition, room & board, books, etc. for all years):
Child 1 $
Child 2 $
Child 3 $
Child 4 $
Child 5 $

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