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Annuity FAQs - Death Claims

How are death claims paid?

In general, claim payments can be made under series of annuity payments or as a lump sum payment but are subject to the specific contract's provisions. Under IRS regulations, annuity payments must begin within one year of the qualifying event and lump sum payments must be made within 5 years of the qualifying event. Contact our Customer Service Center if you have any questions or for further information.

I am the beneficiary of an annuity contract. How do I submit a claim?

To receive the claim proceeds of an annuity contract, complete and sign a Claimant's Statement Form. A certified death certificate, Photo ID of the beneficiary and the original Schedule Page from the annuity contract are also required. If the original contract cannot be located, complete a Request for Duplicate Contract Form. The form must be notarized.

If annuity payments are elected or are to be continued under the contract provisions, the beneficiary must also complete a Periodic Distribution Form.

Send the completed paperwork to our Customer Service Center. The claim will be processed when all requirements have been met.

Does each beneficiary need to submit a certified death certificate?

No, only one certified death certificate is required for the deceased person. However, when there are multiple beneficiaries, claim requests received will be pended until the death certificate and the annuity contract are received.

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